Road Trip Salt Lake City

LA to Pocatello: beginnings of a snowy road trip

Canadian Road and Ice Climbing  Trip Part 1

After my husband’s work Christmas dinner, a late Thursday drive to Las Vegas marked the start of our Canadian Christmas Road and Ice Climbing Trip! Now that’s a mouthful of an acronym, CCRICT, sounds somewhat like the creaky noise my knee makes after skiing.

Friday morning and our gear laden Smokey the Subaru hummed along the Interstate 5. We crossed through the top corner of Arizona where scattered snow patches sat, in hope of eventually mending the land a white blanket.

Mountains Utah

Mountains of Utah

Rather than turning east, as we did for Thanksgiving 2012, we continued north to Salt Lake City. We had a couple of items outstanding on the ‘prepare Smokey for winter travel’ list (a car brush for snow and ice and antifreeze for the windscreen fluid). I had washed and waxed it, arranged new tires (good timing) and double checked we had everything we needed e.g. jumper leads, kitty litter if we got stuck on some ice, snow chains etc.

Driving into Salt Lake City the mountains to the east were startlingly tall, peaking out with white caps among a grey sea of cloud. Further into the city and it was like no other place I’ve been, the architecture of the homes and the snow on the streets a fusion of previous places.

House in Salt Lake City

House in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Drive By

Quick peek of Salt Lake City’s landmark State Capitol Building

Our destination for the evening was Pocatello, a town about two hours’ north and situated in Idaho. Dikko took the wheel and continued the last leg, the night falling and forcing the temperature gauge with it.

Mountains North Salt Lake City

Mountains North of Salt Lake City as night arrived

If only I knew how much further the temperature gauge would drop in Canada! Alas, I was naive at this point and 9 degrees Farenheit was quite the novelty!

Arriving in Pocatello, we stopped in to Elmer’s Restaurant, a little diner on a corner in Pocatello for comfort food dinner. Realising how tired I was from the nine plus hour drive I was glad to see our hotel.

The night’s forecast was snow, lots of it. An inkling of doubt brewed in my mind that the freeway may not be open the next day. No point in worrying, the weather ruled, and we were quite content with that.


  1. Garth -  27 January 2014 - 3:31 am

    Looking forward to the next super-snowy installment!

    • Kristy Dixon -  27 January 2014 - 9:51 pm

      Thanks Garth! Hopefully you won’t have to wait long 😀


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