Here we are people! Welcome to my first post… I took the advice of many and set this up as a way to keep in touch, entertain and share experiences on my adventure relocating from Adelaide, South Australia to Los Angeles, California.

First thing’s first…

  • There will be ‘LA Beta’. Beta is a term used by climbers to share information about a particular route or area. Some climbers don’t like beta because it potentially ruins what their individual experience of that climb will be. So, if you’re looking to visit LA on your own terms I can’t guarantee this blog won’t have some spoilers! That said, nothing compares to experiencing something for yourself, no matter how much you’ve researched and read about it!
  • I have no idea how long or regular these posts will happen or why I will write about stuff. What I do know is I’m keen to maintain a ‘here and now view’ of the world rather than wearing ‘social media glasses’ to experience things.
  • Give me feedback, trust me I respond to it well – if things are too long, too personal, too boring, too weird please let me know! I want to make this enjoyable for you.

Lastly, I haven’t read many blogs nor do I need a license to do this so look out! Hoo ha ha!

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