• Tim Tam S'More

    S’Mores outdone by Sh’Tams!

    S’Mores may currently hold pride of place on America’s camping menus but it’s a slippery, not sticky, slope. You see, there’s a newcomer on the outdoor sweeties block, a player from down under that could change the way Americans experience dessert under the stars, forever. This newcomer is called a Sh’Tam. It’s a melting fusion of American and

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  • monument valley moonrise

    Why do we travel?

    Today I reflect on the past four weeks, an activity-saturated buzz of experiences with my parents, on their first ever overseas trip. The opportunity to observe their responses and reactions to travelling made me ponder why people like to travel. What motivates us to see new places, to explore and research and discover for ourselves? What makes us choose an experience to

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  • Montana Prairie

    Across snowy, bygone prairies

    Canadian Road and Ice Climbing Trip Part 4 Our Bozeman adventure cake was iced with a visit to Northern Lights Trading Co., a superb outdoor store with more gear than Los Angeles’ retailers combined (the bonus of brilliant local rock and ice climbing I guess). Somehow we managed to keep our wallets closed and headed

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