• Finding an apartment or condo in LA…

    Since landing it’s been my job to shortlist places to live. We’ve now been here for eleven days in total and we’ve applied for two condos so far. We’ve toured three separate apartment complexes in Marina Del Rey and have also viewed a few apartments and condos in Santa Monica.   Anyone who’s moved interstate

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  • Catching sunshine for jetlag

    Things I never knew about jet lag…

    Simple fact, jet lag wouldn’t exist without jets. You don’t hear about ‘clipper lag’ from grand sailing ships or ‘horse lag’ from galloping day and night across Persia. History aside, the lag messes with your body clock big time. Flying into a timezone about 16.5 hours behind Adelaide and it’s taken about a week to

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  • First impressions…

    There have been so many impressions during this first week here’s a few highlights! The people are friendly here! Driving, walking, shopping, Adelaide has a lot to answer for! Also on the friendly note, the customer service is amazing – so considerate and helpful. Wow. Our first apartment viewing in Santa Monica and we were

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  • The other side of the curtain…

    So I’m a lucky person. My flight was upgraded to business class thanks to a nice surprise from my other half and his frequent flyer points. Que dancing girls, boutique wine splashing, jovial laughs, paparazzi, palm fronds waving… okay, so not really but it was pretty awesome! In the spirit of Qantas we had the

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